What is FANview Sports?

FANview Sports is a team centric alternative game where fans engage with the team they follow; THE ACTUAL TEAM THEY ROOT FOR! The objective of FANview is for fans to prove how well they know their team. FANview players make picks for the upcoming game in 10 distinct categories for team performance and individual leaders. FANview players accumulate points based on the accuracy of their picks, it does not matter if your actual team wins or loses their game.

Who is FANview Sports for?

FANview Sports is for anyone who believes that rooting for the team they follow is at least as important as following players on their traditional fantasy team. We believe those fans will enjoy FANview Sports more. We also bring a brand new demographic to play FANview Sports - the dedicated team fans that don’t currently play fantasy sports. For those fans, who care a lot about the team they root for, but don’t closely follow the rest of the league, FANview offers the opportunity to compete successfully!

Why FANview Sports?

Fans no longer passively watch sports game – they want to be actively engaged. While traditional fantasy sports let fans actively engage with players from the whole league, those fans have no need to be engaged with actual games. In fact, fantasy players tune away from the actual games to watch channels that just offer scoring plays from around the league. Traditional fantasy diminishes fans interest in watching and rooting for a favorite team. By contrast, FANview players who are actively participating with their team, are engaged with watching the full game.

How do FANview players compete with each other?

Just by signing up to FANview Sports you are automatically entered into our Global League. The points you accumulate in the Global League result in your rank amongst all FANview players. You are also able to see how you are ranking across different sub-groups of FANview players (other fans of your team, fans of your age range, fans who live in your state, etc…). FANview players will also want to compete against their friends and FANview enables and encourages them to create and join private leagues.

What if the team I root for doesn’t make it to the postseason?

What makes FANview Sports unique is that it does not matter if the team you root for wins or loses or is still in contention in the postseason. Being a successful FANview player is all about how well you know your team. A fan that roots for a team that is undefeated has no more of an advantage playing FANview than a fan who roots for a team that is winless.

Will anyone be able to see my personal information?

FANview Sports will only show the player’s chosen username to the public.

Does FANview Sports offer or allow gambling?

FANview Sports currently does not offer or allow for gambling with the use of its services and/or products.

Is NFL football the only FANview sport?

Currently, NFL football is the only FANview Sport, as that accounts for the largest market in the United States. The FANview concept translates well to other sports and leagues and we are looking forward to offering more games/services in the future.

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